Training 4 Resilience - Classroom and Conference Delivery Systems

Classroom and Conference Delivery Systems

Training 4 Resilience are delighted to offer customers the capability to deliver their own content and material for conferences and training events, using a professional delivery system, supported by a team of experienced trainers.

The modular approach enables customers to select the precise combination of services and capabilities that they require for each individual event, and full on-site technical support is provided as part of the package. The service enables customers to capitalise on a professional range of software and hardware solutions, without the requirement for major investment, and the additional in-house training burden. In addition, as professional trainers themselves, the T4R team can provide advice and support regarding the development and delivery of content and materials.

Presentation Modules

■ Data projectors including HD capability, and the ability to take input feeds from
■ computers, live video feeds, and project in 3D from a 3D source.

■ Internal PA System including hand held microphones, tie / lapel microphones and

■ Computers to host presentation material including lap tops, touch screens and iPads

■ Switches to enable multiple input sources to be presented

■ Video cameras to enable sessions to be recorded; and also relayed into another room
■ within the building (useful for large scale events; or sensitive events where teams of
   observers are present)

■ Systems can be both wired and wireless

■ Syndicate and Classroom Working Modules

■ Deployed workstations (wired or wireless) enabling syndicates and individuals to use
■ standard software tools to support discussions / training

■ A full Classroom Management System enabling the remote management of the
■ following aspects via a central control station, operated by T4R

■ Workstation control (lock, unlock and view)

■ Documentation distribution and retrieval throughout the event (including documents
■ that have been updated and amended by syndicates / individuals)

■ Remote application launch – such as video clips

■ Sharing / broadcasting of screen images – enabling all workstations to view the
■ controller console (for demonstration purposes); and enabling individual workstation
■ screens to be shared with everyone (for illustration and sharing of good practice)

■ Sharing / broadcasting of web pages (providing an internet
■ connection is available)

■ Text and voice messages can be sent and received across the network via the
■ controller

■ Polling questions can be distributed to enable participants to provide instant feedback
■ – and all results captured and stored centrally

■ Short Tests / Exams can be designed and distributed to individual workstations.A
■ variety of different question formats can be incorporated including images and video –
■ and all results are captured and stored centrally

■ Video cameras can be provided to provide a record of discussions and are also a
useful tool for debriefing (for example, recording and then playingback individual
■ presentations).

■ An A4 scanner can be included to scan in notes / diagrams produced during the event.

■ Individual Working Modules

■ Deployed workstations (wired or wireless) enabling individuals to use standard software
■ tools to support self-paced learning and preparation

■ Workstations can be connected via the Classroom Management System to control
■ access to content and applications

■ Workstations are internet capable (wired and wireless) but require internet service
■ provision at the facility (not supplied)

Training Material Modules

■ Creation of presentation materials – including PowerPoint / Key Note slides,video,
■ graphics

■ Creation of handouts / student materials

■ Creation of exams using the Classroom Management Software capabilities

If you would like to understand more about any of these modules, or discuss how the Classroom and Conference Delivery Systems can be tailored for your event, please contact the Training 4 Resilience partners