Training 4 Resilience - Community Resilience

Community Resilience

“Community Resilience is about communities and individuals harnessing local resources and expertise to help themselves in an emergency, in a way that compliments the response of the emergency services”.
Cabinet Office working definition of Community Resilience

At Training 4 Resilience we believe that Community Resilience is a critical element of life in the 21st Century, which is why we are all active members of our own local Community Resilience Projects – and why we offer specially tailored services to Communities across the UK to support them with training and advice on Community Resilience.

There are 5 key steps to Community Resilience:

■ Identify your Community

■ Involve representatives from existing local groups and networks

■ Identify a Community Representative / Community Emergency Coordinator

■ Establish a Community Emergency Group

■ Develop a Community Emergency Plan

There are a number of documents, toolkits and templates to help you – but sometimes it’s helpful to have a helping hand to get started, someone to bounce ideas off, and provide support along the way – and that’s where we come in.

And once the plan is complete, it’s important that the plan is tested and validated to make sure it will work in the event of an emergency – and again, we can help you with that element too.

If you’d like to have a chat about Community Resilience – please drop us an email or give us a call