Training 4 Resilience - Venues & Events

Venues and Events

Every week, people come together to participate in events, ranging from Football Matches to Carnivals, Music Festivals to County Shows.

Ensuring the safety of the staff, participants, volunteers and spectators is essential
and we are delighted to be working with Event Organisers, Safety Officers and Venue Managers across the UK to provide training and exercises for their teams to validate their plans and procedures; and to develop their teams.

Training and Validation Exercises

We offer a complete exercise design and delivery solution that includes:

■ Developing the scenario against an agreed Aim and Objectives

■ Provision of all exercise materials – including injects, supporting
   information and media simulation

■ Provision of the appropriate IT equipment and systems to
   deliver the exercise

■ An experienced and trained Exercise Delivery Team – including
   an Exercise Director / Facilitator and Exercise Controllers

■ Post Exercise Reports

■ In addition, we can also provide Media simulation – a team of journalists to
   exercise TV, Radio, Print and Social Media communications.

■ Each exercise is developed specifically for you to ensure that it reflects
   your event, structures, geography and resources.

■ The day is structured around your needs – and can include didactic training
   sessions, and presentations, as well as exercise scenario events.

Training Courses

Training is critical for ensuring that individuals are able to carry out their roles efficiently
and effectively. Our training course design and delivery service includes the following options:

■ Delivery of existing, client owned training courses / materials

■ Design and development of bespoke training courses

■ Delivery of standard T4R Training Courses

■ We deliver training courses either on site at your location, in a nominated training
   facility,or online using our Virtual Training Service.

Example courses include:

■ Steward Training

■ Log Keeper Training

■ Incident Management Master Classes (refresh your incident management
   knowledge and skills)

We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you further about your requirements
and how we may be able to assist you.

We have a range of Clients from both the Public and Private sectors across the UK and Europe who we support with a variety of training, exercising and resilience consultancy services. We have designed and delivered over 120 different exercise events; along with countless training courses; and discretion and reputation are important to us, and to our clients. We therefore do not list our current clients on our website but we are very happy to provide case study information and client references on request.

Case Studies for reference

Click and take a look at the overall steps that we have taken with just two of our
event customers.