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Training Courses

Training is critical for ensuring that individuals who work for agencies, organisations and businesses are fully prepared for a crisis or emergency; and able to respond efficiently and effectively should an incident occur.

Here at Training 4 Resilience, we recognise that agencies, organisations and businesses have different approaches to training. In the same way that individuals have different learning styles and preferences. As a result, we have developed a range of different options to support the varying needs of our clients.

Instructor Led Training – a range of training courses that are delivered either in a physical classroom setting, or using our new virtual T4R classroom. Whichever option you select,you will be taught by a live T4R instructor, and courses are either Open, or delivered as specific in-house courses for teams and organisations.

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We are also pleased to offer one-to-one sessions for individual training, and mentoring services. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements further.

Exercise Design Courses (1 Day)

The Training 4 Resilience Exercise Design Course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to design an effective, risk based exercise for their respective organisation / multi-agency group. This course is suitable for anyone who has responsibility for designing exercises to train and / or validate their organisation
in support of crisis and emergency management, and organisational resilience (business continuity). 

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Decision Making Under Pressure Courses (1 Day)

The Training 4 Resilience Decision Making Under Pressure Course provides participants with the opportunity to develop and enhance their decision making skills in the event of a crisis oremergency. Didactic training will be enhanced with the use of the Pandora Advanced Training Environment, a simulation system that will support participants to understand an emerging situation, make decisions, and explore the consequences of those decisions. This courseis suitable for anyone who is required to make key decisions during a crisis or emergency,and scenarios used during the course will be centered around civil emergencies.

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Log Keeper Courses (3.5 hours using the Virtual Classroom)

The Training 4 Resilience Log Keeper Course provides participants with the essential
skills and knowledge to log incident information and decisions accurately and
effectively.This course is suitable for anyone who is required to log record their
decisions and actions in response to an emergency (including senior managers,
advisors and specialists); as well as those individuals who have been identified to
act in support of meetings where a log of decisions is required.

This course is held in our virtual T4R classroom, which means you can train in the comfort of your workplace or home, and avoid any unnecessary travel costs and time.

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Master Classes (typically 90 minutes)
Master Classes are short, punchy sessions delivered live using our Virtual Classroom -they are great for refreshing your emergency management knowledge and skills ahead of an exercise. No fixed dates - you choose when you would like the training and we deliver!

Team Training
In addition to the Open courses listed above, which can also all be delivered as Team Training courses, we are delighted to offer a range of training courses designed to be delivered to teams and organisations.

■ Risks
■   How to identify and evaluate the risks that will affect the resilience
■   of your organisation or business

■ Planning
■   How to develop Emergency Plans

■ Risk Based Decision Making
■   How to evaluate all the different options in a crisis and make the best decision

■ Strategic Coordinating Group (SCG) Training
■   Aimed at developing the skills of the members of the SCG (or equivalent) to
■   ensure they are confident and effective in the event of a crisis or major emergency

■ Train the Trainer Courses
■   The art of training other people

■ Getting Started with Community Resilience
■   How to launch Community Resilience within your area

Bespoke Training Courses
We know how frustrating it is to book a training course where only half of the subject matter relates to what you are looking for, but that course was the "best fit" from those available on the Commercial market. We are therefore proud to offer a bespoke training service that will provide you with exactly the elements you are looking for.

We work with you to identify what it is you require, and then develop the course aims, objectives and syllabus based on those requirements. We bring with us years of training experience, combined with specific knowledge of Resilience, that enables us to help you identify the areas that you might want to cover within the training course. We can deliver courses of any duration, and because we come to you (or arrange a venue close to you) we can be very flexible regarding timings for the course, so that it fits in with your working practices. We can also deliver these sessions using our virtual T4R classroom.

We have a range of Clients from both the Public and Private sectors across the UK and Europe who we support with a variety of training, exercising and resilience consultancy services. We have designed and delivered over 120 different exercise events; along with countless training courses; and discretion and reputation are important to us, and to our clients. We therefore do not list our current clients on our website but we are very happy to provide case study information and client references on request.

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