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Viewpoint Collaboration

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Viewpoint Training Environments Ltd (Viewpoint) to provide innovative and bespoke operational and training environments that support collective learning excellence from operational experiences and training exercises.

Recent analysis from the UK Cabinet Office has shown that there are a number of key lessons that are identified time and time again following a crisis or emergency. One such lesson is the lack of an effective means of assembling, interpreting and using data for decision-making in emergencies - a situation that affects both public and private sector organisations.

Our experience over the last eight years has shown us how the right collaborative workspace enables information to be turned into intelligence, which can then be used to support strategic and tactical decision making during an emergency or crisis, whether real or simulated.

That collaborative workspace is at the heart of any control room, but equally it extends throughout the organisation. Many organisations are looking for cost- effective, multi-role solutions and it is not unusual for training suites to double up as control rooms in the event of a crisis or emergency. A solution that can be reconfigured quickly and effectively is essential.

Viewpoint are an outstanding integrator of workspace solutions, systems furniture suppliers and ICT companies to provide solutions that deliver tangible benefits and real business value.

Viewpoint Business Sector Director, Simon Dawes stated: “T4R will help us design and validate the solutions that we offer. No other collaborative workspace provider offers design through to full validation exercise as part of the installation and sign-off processes, something that we believe is critical for ensuring customer satisfaction”.

If you would like more information about collaborative workspaces and operational and training environments, please contact us.