Training 4 Resilience - Virtual Training Service

Virtual Training Service

Organisations and businesses are under continuous pressure to work smarter and improve efficiency, and often training programmes are compromised as key individuals cannot be spared for extended periods of time to attend a course.

Our Virtual Training Service provides real-time training conducted by live Training 4 Resilience instructors in an online classroom environment. You get the same high quality course content as our corresponding classroom-based courses, but in a more convenient package.

The Virtual Training Service offers a number of key advantages for our clients:

■ Training can be completed from your home or office, therefore eliminating
■   all travel and subsistence costs for participants

■ Training modules can be scheduled to support flexible work arrangements
■   – for example part time workers, shift workers, voluntary workers

■ Teams can train together when they are in different locations

■ Virtual Classroom Training Courses are competitively priced to offer significant
■   cost savings when compared to standard classroom-based training

Our service includes the following options:

■ Delivery of existing, client owned training courses and materials

■ Design and development of bespoke training courses

■ Delivery of standard T4R Training courses

How does Virtual Classroom Training work?

Course participants come together into a Virtual Classroom via the internet. The Training 4 Resilience instructor will deliver the training session as if they were delivering in a normal classroom environment, which means participants will be able to see and hear the instructor; view materials such as PowerPoint presentations and videos; and actively participate in discussions and ask questions. We utilise techniques such as quizzes to confirm learning, and results can be captured and provided as course feedback. Participants may also interact with other web applications as part of the training course; and may also receive pre and post course information and resources as applicable.

Training modules last for a maximum of 90 minutes, and a course may
consist of a number of different modules.

If you would like a demonstration of the system, or you’d like to chat to us further about your requirements and whether this solution is right for you, please contact us by phone or email.

Click here to download our Virtual Training Service Fact Sheet.

We have a range of Clients from both the Public and Private sectors across the UK and Europe who we support with a variety of training, exercising and resilience consultancy services. We have designed and delivered over 120 different exercise events; along with countless training courses; and discretion and reputation are important to us, and to our clients. We therefore do not list our current clients on our website but we are very happy to provide case study information and client references on request.