Incident Management Exercises

What is an Incident Management Exercise – and why should we bother?

An Incident Management Exercise is a simulation of an emergency situation, that enables participants, organisations, events and businesses to validate their emergency plans; develop teams in terms of their competences and give them practice at carrying out their roles as defined in the plans; and to test well-established procedures.

It is important that we know that our emergency plans (including business continuity, communication, and warning and informing plans) are reliable and workable – and an exercise provides us with a safe and secure environment to prove that our plans meet the identified requirements, and highlight any areas for improvement.

There are several different types of exercises, that can also be used in combination as required.

  • Discussion Based Exercises
  • Table Top Exercises
  • We can provide you with a complete Exercise Design and Delivery Solution for both Discussion Based and Table Top Exercises.
  • This includes:
  • Developing the scenario against an agreed Aim and Objectives
  • Provision of all exercise materials – including injects, supporting information and media simulation
  • Provision of the appropriate IT equipment and systems to deliver the exercise
  • An experienced and trained Exercise Delivery Team – including an Exercise Director/Facilitator and Exercise Controllers
  • Post Exercise Reports

In addition, we can also provide Media simulation – a team of journalists to exercise TV, Radio, Print and Social Media communications.

Each exercise is developed specifically for you to ensure that it reflects your event, structures, geography and resources. The day is structured around your needs – and can include didactic training   sessions, and presentations, as well as exercise scenario events. We can also support the development of live exercises, and provide External Exercise Observers for the exercise.

As with all of our products – your exercise, using which ever type of exercise you choose, will be developed and delivered specifically for you. This bespoke service ensures that the simulation required for the scenario is as accurate as possible for the business, geography and resources that you expect to encounter in real life. However, we also recognise that sometimes groups and organisations would prefer to take on some of the tasks themselves, and so we are also very happy to simply undertake the scenario development and exercise writing on your behalf, which you can then deliver as required; and we are also able to provide External Exercise Observers and Post Exercise Report Writers for events that you organise.

We have a range of clients from both the public and private sectors across the UK and Europe who we support with a variety of training, exercising and resilience consultancy services. We have designed and delivered over 150 different exercise events; along with countless training courses; and discretion and reputation are important to us, and to our clients. We therefore do not list our current clients on our website but we are very happy to provide case study information and client references on request.