Resilience Explained

What is Resilience?

The Lexicon of UK Civil Protection Terminology defines Resilience as:

The ability of the community, services, area or infrastructure to detect, prevent, and, if necessary to withstand, handle and recover from disruptive challenges.

Put simply, it is our ability to respond positively to a crisis or emergency, however big or small the event is.

Things happen every day that affect each and every one of us – as individuals, families, communities and businesses / organisations. By becoming resilient, we can prepare ourselves for the possibilities; react and respondin an appropriate way when things do happen; and consequently we can help to controlthe situation.

And the first step to becoming resilient is through training and preparation.

We offer several training solutions that will help your company, infrastructure and staff
Train – Prepare – Respond – Control.

Unfortunately none of us can predict what will definitely happen later on today, tomorrow, next week or sometime in the future – but what we can do is use some tools and techniques to help identify what may happen, and what we believe the likelihood and associated impact would be if it did. And if the unexpected did occur, then it helps to have a plan that we’ve thought about and prepared in advance that, although it might not match the circumstances exactly, will certainly help us take some of those important decisions early enough to havea significant effect on the outcome.

Combine that with an excellent team of people, who understand the plan, and have trained together so that they trust each other – and we are then able to respond effectively, and control the situation.